“The island of Flores has a spot on our podium of places with most incredible natural beauty. Part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province, Flores is more known for its proximity to Komodo National Park, the natural birthplace of its carnivorous dragons. We were amazed by the different shades of its blue sea, its green mountains and spectacular volcano, -Mount Kelimutu-, the diversity of its people and above everything, we fell in love with its Life under the Water. Words cannot describe the feeling of swimming alongside 4m long Manta Rays, the fortune of pursuing marine turtles and glance at all sorts of colourful fish and coral. We felt blessed for the opportunity of witnessing of all that beauty and grateful to have crossed paths with a bunch of amazing people. David, Jessica, Nieves, Gonzalo, Evin, Darno, Amy, Margot, and Susi, thank you for being part of our amazing adventure.”

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